Gender man
Seeking woman
Age 45
Country United States
City Dallas

A little about me. I'm in Dallas, Texas of the last 20 years. I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic in past relationships. I'm loyal & protective to my friends & loved ones. I'll add an undeniable spark to your life....

If you know anything about astrology I am completely 100% Sagittarius. Is it funny how those things are so right sometimes. I don't think I really believe in astrology so much but it's still strange.


At this point in my life Im ready for a long term relationship. When I'm not busy with all my work activities I like to mountain biking, swimming, or just relaxing at home, hanging out at a nice restaurant together, or going to the movie threatre but watching movies at home is ok to just prefer the movie threatre exprience popcorn and surround sound. Big fan of game of thrones and walking dead, fear of walking dead, and hopefully the new Star Trek series coming out on TV. Also like bars sometimes but Im not drinker. I'm open minded, and mature about most things. I don't quickly judge people but its fun sometime just to people watch... You want to know more message me will chat on viber or facebook.